Friday, 6 June 2014

Welcome to our blog, let me introduce us :-
I am Mike McLaughlin (Artist/Cartoonist, Scottish) and my co owner is Bobby Beatroot (Artist/Cartoonist, Australian), we came together as Light Blue Press mid 2013 to work on our comic project (which is still available to buy ;) ).
Between the both of us we have been drawing for around 100 years (goodness me, that makes me feel ancient! Macca). I have to admit, the buzz we got creating issue #1 of 'The Adventures of Randy Raymond' (Adult comicbook) was amazing, I don't know about Bobby, but I felt like I was walking on clouds. What an awesome feeling.
 We are working on a hush hush project at the moment (not even my family, know what I'm working on!), but, I do hope that the feeling is the same if not better.
We will be posting a few drawings of ours throughout the blog, and we appreciate your comments on them!
There will also be a few free gifts to download (from both of us), it might have something to do with Randy Raymond and Godfrey Jr, or just something we think you might like.  So, for the moment I have probably bored you to death, so, I'll head for now and give you peace.
Oh while I remember, we have a few other projects in the pipeline and will be publishing a few tutorials too!

Watch this space!


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    1. I still pop in now and again Chuck, but it's nice to be missed ;)